Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine's Day Extravaganza -- Day 2


Today's Valentine's Day Extravaganza theme is Your favorite date story (good or bad!!), or the best night out you've had with your bestie!

I would have to say that the best date that me and the hubster has had was the last one we went on. We went on a date last month (January). We went to Red Lobster (without Tom-Tom) and I had a great time!! Just hanging out with Thomas and talking (and having adult conversation, for once!!). Also, the food was GREAT!! I love Red Lobster, but we never get to go because it's way too expensive! =( I wish we could go more often... maybe when we hit the lottery!! =D Anyway, afterward we went to my cousin's house and had game night with them and it was soooo much fun! Kind of a boring story (i guess), but hey we don't get very many date night's these days and the one's we had when we were single weren't very exciting either!

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  1. You gotta take what you can get, right?!! Game nights always make for a good time!

    So glad to have you along for this!