Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tom-Tom's new thing!

So, we were watching "Spiderman" Sunday and Tom-Tom loved the parts with "Man Man". If Peter Parker was on he could care less! lol Anyway his new favorite "stunt" is to stand on the edge of the couch and say "Mama". Me, "What?" He says "Man Man" and jumps off the couch and doesn't land on his feet but on his butt then he rolls over onto his back. Then, he gets up and does it all over again making sure to get my attention by saying "Mama" every time!! lol I am so gonna have to get this on video!

Here's the video, but I didn't get him saying "Mama" and "Man Man" every time. :(


  1. Oh my goodness, I hope he is falling onto the cushions and not the floor. Such a daredevil!

  2. No he's jumping directly onto the floor! lol At least it is carpeted!

  3. I just saw the video. My goodness! LOL. He's a brave one isn't he?