Friday, February 05, 2010

Valentine's Crafts

This morning we did some Valentine's Day crafts. They didn't turn out perfect, but what do you expect from a 2 year old! lol Anyway, we tried to do a Heart Hand print stamp thingy like the one here, but Tom-Tom did it like once and then when I tried to get him to do it with the other hand for some reason he just didn't get it!! lol Anyway, here's how it turned out.

Then, we did some Valentine's Day stamping with cookie cutters and paint.

This is what it looked like in the end.
And now Tom-Tom is down for a nap! Here's a video of him playing with Dada last night, though.


  1. very cute! BTW where did you end up finding the round paint tray? I have been looking for one for some time now and can't seem to locate one.

  2. Thanks! We found it at Hobby Lobby. It was only a dollar or two.

  3. I love that video! It cracks me up every time I see it.

    You are brave to use paint. Every time I try to get Paige to use paint, it ends up everywhere including the floor. Paige has a bad, bad habit of throwing things when she is done.

  4. Well, Tom-Tom doesn't get done painting! He loves it! He is done when I say "Ok, that's enough on this page Tom-Tom!" and take the paper away. Then he throws a tantrum and I have to pry the paintbrush from his hand! BTW, I made sure that was bought washable paint! :D