Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sargento cheese snack review

Hi all! Not much going on around here lately. That's why all my posts have been reviews! lol Anyway, recently I got to try out Sargento cheese snacks. I got the pepper jack cheese sticks. I got these for free from Influenster site.

This cheese is so good! It has just the right amount of kick to it. They are great by themselves or pairing them up with some whole grain or whole wheat crackers and a piece of fruit or some veggies. I especially love the fact that they are all natural and they have 4 grams of protein to help curb that starving feeling in the middle of the day. I will definitely be buying more of these! #ChooseSargentoCheese

Friday, September 27, 2013

TruMoo chocolate milk review

First, I want to say that I got a coupon for a free milk coupon from BzzAgent. Also, I was supposed to be trying out TruMoo's vanilla milk, but had to get chocolate instead because my Kroger didn't have vanilla. :( I'm very disapponted by that because I was looking forward to sharing the vanilla with my kids...
Anyway, the chocolate is soooo good! The kids and I all love it! I usually don't give my kids (premixed) chocolate milk because of all the sugar. I don't have to worry about that with TruMoo, though! It has 35% less sugar than other chocolate milk brands. Also, I like the fact that it has no hormones or high fructose corn syrup. **thumbs up**

They are having a promotion now to win a Goosebumps Haunted Hollywood Vacation. There's an easy way to enter over on the TruMoo® Facebook page and you get an instant Goosebumps DVD coupon just for signing up! There’s no harm in entering (aside from the frights they’re sure to encounter on the all-expenses-paid trip). So go ahead and head over to TruMoo's facebook page and enter the sweepstakes! :)