Friday, September 02, 2011

This week

Well, we have had some fun this week and I have been meaning to post about it all week... just never got around to doing it! I know, I know I'm a slacker! lol

So. Monday we didn't do much of anything. Tuesday was a pretty boring day also. We just hung around the house. We went for a walk down our street and that was about the extent of our Tuesday.

Then, Wednesday was started learning the alphabet. We are doing a letter a week. Of course, it's only natural that we start with the letter A.

I cut out an apple, an ant and a letter A and Tom-Tom glued them all together (with my help of course).

Yesterday I got some inspiration from The Crafty Crow and we made an alligator.

The white triangles are supposed to be teeth. Don't ask me what happened there! lol

Then, Tom-Tom had some fun on his own (practicing writing his name)

And later on in the day (after about 2 hours of putting the thing together) we had some fun with his train set that he got for Christmas last year.

Today we haven't made any fun projects based on the letter A, BUT we did make some awesome jam filled cookies. Now, let me tell you I'm NOT a baker but I got the recipe for jam filled butter cookies and they are soooo good!! :D
 Mix it up

 Adding the flour.

 After we were done and the cookies were in the oven he decided that it was more fun to play in the dirty dishes and water!


After... YUMM!!

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