Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

Well, it's been a wet weekend. We didn't have much going on this weekend because of the rain. Saturday, we were stuck at home all day without a car because hubby had to work. Sunday, Monday and Today were rainy days. It doesn't look like the rain will be going anywhere anytime soon either.

Today we began working on the alphabet again. We're working on the letter B this week. Tom-Tom painted a butterfly with Q-tips. We did a little "worksheet" called X's and O's. I wrote a big letter B at the top of the paper and wrote all the other letters of the alphabet at the bottom of the page, in no particular order. After that we went out side to do a little science experiment with a paper airplane, but Tom-Tom was worried about it getting wet so he just played in the mud puddles instead.

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