Friday, September 09, 2011


Friday, again and you may or may not know what that means. It's time for 5 Question Friday!

1. What ringtone do you have on your cell phone?

I have alot of different ones. I can't think of all of them right now and my phone ois dead, but a few of them are Blake Shelton - Honeybee, Lil Wayne - How to Love and Rihanna - Man Down

2. What is your favorite memory from this summer?

Well, since the first half of my summer was filled with working and sleeping (blame the first trimester of pregnancy for that) I would have to say it has been the last part of the summer and just spending time with Tom-Tom and enjoying (sort of) my pregnancy.

3. Paper books or ebooks?

Paper. I'm not cool (or fortunate) enough to own anything that I can read an ebook on. :( Hopefully, when tax time rolls around I will, though. Our plan is to get two tablets (one for me and one for Hubby).

4. If you could have one home upgrade what would it be and why?

Ugh, can I say the whole house?! lol This house was built in the 70's and it is kind of small and I would LOVE to move!

5. When was your first serious boyfriend/girlfriend?
I guess when me and the hubby moved in together.
Have a nice weekend.

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