Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mother's Day Mania -- Day Uno!

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First off, Happy Cinco De Mayo!! Nothing going on here for this holiday. I wish I could of at least gotten some Mexican food and possibly a Corona or two. We're broke so that didn't happen. :-( Oh well.


So, today is the first day of Mama M.'s Mother's Day Mania and today is Whoopsie Wednesday.

Here's my first whoopsie with my one and only Tom-Tom.

*Takes deep breath* Here goes nothing!

So, Tom-Tom was between 1 and 2 months old and I had just finished breastfeeding him. He started to spit up a little so I sat him down on the bed to reach over and get a bib. Well, dumby me didn't think to get a bib before I started feeding him so I had to stand up and reach over to the chest where the bibs were hiding. I propped him up on some pillows that were sitting right on the edge of the bed. Looking back on it that probably wasn't the smartest idea! I, of course, wasn't thinking about it at the time. Anyway, I stood up grabbed the bib and turned around just in time to see my precious little baby hit the floor... head first! I tried to catch him, but it was too late! He hit the floor. I said a few choice words and immediately FREAKED!! I tried to look calm in front of my cousin (whom we were living with at the time) while I walked out of my room to get the phone. Inside I was panicking, though. I quickly explained the situation to my cousin and then called my husband (fiancee) at the time. He was at work and I told him that he HAD to come home and take us to the doctor. I felt like a horrible mommy!! Luckily, he just got a bump on the head, forehead, to be exact. Woo! *wipes brow*

I know I've had more, but that's the one that stands out the most to me. Maybe, because it was my first whoopsie as a mother. Maybe because it was so traumatic, for me at least. He probably doesn't remember. Thank goodness!!


  1. Oh scary! These are so hard to read; they do help me feel a little better about mine. Here's mine:

  2. That is so scary!

    And...randomness have the same anniversary as my parents!

    Well, you know...the date...not the year!

  3. My silly butt laughed but not because of what happened in your story but because of what happened to me. lol! I might make me a blog now lol!