Friday, May 07, 2010

5 Question Friday

5QF Mother's Day Mania has been postponed until tomorrow. Because everyone is not a mama she decided to not have a Mother's Day themed 5 Question Friday. 5 Question Friday is brought to you by Mama M.

Now onto the questions! :D

1. What is your worst memory of your siblings?
I don't have any siblings so I can't answer this one.

2. What was YOUR naughtiest childhood memory? (Must be something YOU did, no pawning it off on someone else!)
I think that would have to be the time that I busted my cousin (John-Warren) in the head with his toy motorcycle. I don't remember what happened in order for me to do that. I just remember getting scolded by everyone in the family! lol

3. Where do you like to go to relax?
Ummm... bed!

4. What was the last thing you won?
I haven't ever won anything.. no wait.. I take that back I won a makeover back on 2004 or 2005, but couldn't go because I didn't have anyone to take me. :(

5. If you could be on a game show, which would you choose?
I think I would go on Family Feud. I LOVE playing online!

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