Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Fun

So, I know I haven't posted in a while. Not much going on around here... Well, I take that back. I got a new job. I work at a nursing home doing housekeeping I started in the middle of July.

I've had to replace alot of stuff on our car which is a 94 Chevy Corsica. I've had to replace the brakes, tires and put a new battery in it. Now, the heater coil is busted. I can still drive it because one of the guys that works for my landlord bypassed the heater coil. So, it still runs I just don't have any heat. It sucks in the mornings when I need to defrost the windows. Luckily it's not cold here yet so I don't have to worry about it other than the defrost part.

We did get another car, too. We got an 05 Malibu. We only got it because we needed a car ASAP and we didn't know what was wrong with the Corsica at the time.

Now for the fall fun part of the story! We went to the Shuckles Corn Maze today and let me just say that we all had a BLAST!! It is more than just a corn maze. They have all kinds of activities and loads of fun stuff! Here's some pics.

Hubby playing the cross-bow game

Tom-Tom & Dada going through the cornstalk tunnel

 They made it through! Yay!! lol

Tom-Tom riding the pony. (Gosh, that's a horrible pic of me!!)

 Tom-Tom playing the Laso Ball Toss

He was going to get it on there one way or another! lol

Playing Horseshoes

Getting his face painted

He got Elmo and a pumpkin

At the top of Hay Bale Mountain

Thanks for reading! Have a great day (or night)!

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