Friday, January 08, 2010

Some of the stuff I see at work!!!

So, I was working tonight and someone asked this question "can you make beef from hamsters?"... I was like Really!? Did you really just ask that!!!? Hahaha NO considering beef is another animal all together!! Some of the other crazy questions I have seen at work are:

 ~I have shit in my mouth. What should I do?
~does fucking a dog in the ass unprotected have sexual risks
~How are noises made in porn videos?
~how do you convince a girl to drink her pee and spit in on your penis?
~well my penis is 14 inches long and my gf is trying to take it all the way in her vagina right now
~how do I get my gf to wet her diaper?
~When you flip someone off and don't stick out your thumb is that an offer or is it saying screw you?
~Write a newspaper editorial for a virginia newspaper in which you argue for or against the opening of more lands in western VA for the growth of new england settlements. please respond fast!!

Hahaha crazy people!!

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