Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day

Today we had a fun snow day... well I did at least! Tom-Tom doesn't like it when the snow is so deep it goes up to his knee caps!! lol Both times I tried to take him outside to play in it he threw a fit and wasn't having it!! Anyway me and my cousins had a very fun and exciting snow day today. We all went sledding and it was soo much fun! Here's some pics. **Warning picture overload!!**
My cousin Chris attempting to "surf" down the hill

FAIL!! lol

Chris' son Allen attempting to do the same thing!

Chris and one of his daughter's sledding down.

Chris and brother-in-law (Travis) racing.

Travis didn't make it to the bottom of the hill!! lol

My cousin Amanda, me and my little cousin Sydney making snow angels!

Popsie even attempted to sled even tried to do it with Kaitlyn on his back!!


All in all it was a very fun day today!


  1. It looks like everyone had a super fun day. It is nice to get out and go crazy now and then.